Guest Room


You can enjoy nature from your room and also while soaking in the bathtub.

・Total of 6 rooms (each room can accommodate up to 4 people)

・The room contains two semi-double beds and one single bed. Bedding can also be provided in the loft, so each room can accommodate up to 4 people.

・Amenities are provided as follows.

Note: Yukata and nightclothes are not provided. Please bring your own.

・About cell phone reception and Wi-Fi
Although our facility is equipped with Wi-Fi, cell phone connection surrounding the facilities is not stable due to its location in the mountains. We hope you will spend a relaxing time in this natural environment, detached from the outside world.



Our facility has a fireplace lounge.
It is the perfect place to relax and unwind in a warm and cozy atmosphere.
You can read a book by yourself or gather with friends and family to watch TV or play games.
We also provide a variety of amenities so you can come empty handed when you stay with us.


食堂 / キッチン

The dining room has a glass wall that lets in lots of natural light, allowing you to enjoy your meal in an open atmosphere with a wonderful view.
The shared kitchen is fully equipped with rental items and seasonings, so you can bring your favorite ingredients and cook with your friends and family.

・About meals
We do not service cooked meals at this time, but the kitchen is available for you to use free of charge (basic seasonings, etc. are provided).
Note: We are in the process of preparing kitchen equipment, etc., so please check our official LINE or flyers for updates.
Note: Please note that the kitchen will be shared with other guests and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis after check-in.

Camping Site


Lodge Cowbell is located near the top of Mt. Daikokumori, where there are few outdoor lights and pollution.
If the weather is favorable, you can see the star-filled sky and even the lights of Hachinohe Port from far away.
In the morning, you can watch a sea of clouds coming in through the surrounding mountains, which makes for a wonderful start to the day!

・About our camping services
Camping is available on the facility's lawn.
Please prepare your own tents and other camping necessities.
Note: We can provide rental BBQ sets that include Takko beef and the necessary BBQ utensils.

・About water, toilets, and showers
There is running water outside, but you can also use the kitchen inside the facility.
Please use the public restrooms inside the facility’s building.
Note: There are no shower rooms in our facilities. Please use nearby public bathhouses.

・Please note that the lawn on the accommodation side of the building is not available for use.
・Please refrain from lighting open fires on the lawn as it may cause wildfires.
・Please refrain from littering and defacing the lawn.
・Please be considerate to other guests after 10:00 p.m.



Payment can be made on the day of checking in, in cash or by credit card. If you wish to pay in advance, please contact the facility.

The lodge facilities are also open for non-accommodation use!

Space for rent: dining room, event and social space in front of the fireplace, lawn slide.

Events, concerts, saunas, yoga, camping, and anything else you have ever wanted to do or to try. Come create the best experience while being surrounded by nature, at Lodge Cowbell!



Lodge Cowbell

〒039-0201 Kawadai-no-kami 66-3, Takko-machi, Sannohe-gun, Aomori Prefecture