Facility Name
Lodge Cowbell
Phone Number
66-3, Kawadainokami, Oaza Takko, Takko Village, Mito District, Aomori Prefecture 039-0201
Business Hours
Check-in at 16:00
Check-out at 10:00
Number of Rooms Total
6 Rooms (4 people per room)

My name is Takanao Igarashi, representative of Aoimori Trading, and I have been managing Lodge Cowbell since 2023. We are told that this facility opened about 30 years ago as a lodging facility, connecting many tourists and locals through overnight stays. However, as the times have changed, the number of guests has declined. The facilities have deteriorated with the lack of use, and many locals wondered about the future of Lodge Cowbell. With this history in mind, we have launched the "Lodge Cowbell Play Park Project" and will start its operation in cooperation with the Takko Village local government.

Relying heavily on the lodging facilities of Lodge Cowbell, this concept aims to create a place where people from all walks of life can meet and experience activities that are unique to Takko Village. For more details, please read the materials available at the facility. In order to manage the facilities, Tomohiro Kuzukawa, a local of Takko Village; Yuya Gokudan, a native of the neighboring Nanbu Village; and I, a migrant from the Kanto area of Japan, are working together to combine our three different experiences and perspectives to realize the dreams of this community. Naturally, there are many issues that we, the younger generation, cannot solve on our own, but we will work closely with everyone in the community and the Takko Village town hall to make Lodge Cowbell a more attractive place to visit.

Although the three of us are still lacking in certain areas of skills and experience, we believe that Lodge Cowbell can become a leading facility for tourism and industry in the region, as it once was. We appreciate all your support and encouragement in helping us turn this dream into reality.

General Manager, Takanao Igarashi