Lodge Cowbell Play Park Project

Our goal for the Lodge Cowbell Play Park Project is not only to utilize the existing building which was built around 30 years ago, but also to make it a "comprehensive entertainment space". With the addition of new facilities and events, we hope that this becomes a place where everyone can have a good time.
The foundation of the operation will mainly revolve around the lodging facilities, but we will also operate the place as a "rental hall". We hope that community members who have a fresh perspective on various projects can host events and help collectively increase the rate of operation. In addition to maintaining Lodge Cowbell's daily operations, we are currently discussing the creation of facilities for our new project, also known as “Mirai Project”, where we hope to introduce a space for people of all ages to enjoy.
To properly express the scope of our goals, we have established four basic principles for our operation.

We plan to organize tours so that guests can experience what our town has to offer, such as a garlic harvesting, local food tours of Takko beef and garlic, and tours to meet people who are essential to the vitality of our town. We want to expand on the idea of visiting a new place beyond just lodging and eating; we hope to connect our guests to the “People, Things, and Experiences” of our local community. In addition, we are planning to add sauna facilities, an open-air bathing space, BBQ space, wooden decks to enjoy the view, dome tents for glamping, a zipline that utilizes the 2nd ski lift, water slides, slides, and Mt. Daikokumori trekking path for children to enjoy. We hope to offer activities such as yoga, paragliding, movie theaters, live concerts that are geared towards adults, as well as ballooning over the mountains, lantern festivals, and nagashi-somen (flowing cold noodles) and other events that can only be experienced at Lodge Cowbell. With these dreams in mind, we hope to create a place that is one of a kind and can’t be found anywhere else. We hope the Mirai Project is an investment and expenditure concept for the facility, and we aim to improve the income of our core operations of lodging and facility rentals through the future creation of the new facilities and events related to this project. This is how we will approach the operations of Lodge Cowbell and the Lodge Cowbell Play Park Concept.

Team Members